In December 2022, the share of plug-in electric vehicles (EVs) in Germany was at a low point, at 15.1%, compared to 21.6% in the same period last year. Before starting to reduce incentives on January 1st, the share of electric vehicles in Germany hit a record high in December, which was the result of some buyers' early consumption; This kind of early consumption result requires several months of digestion and absorption by the market before the data can more conform to market rules.

The overall car sales in Germany in January 2023 were 179225 units, only 2% lower than in January 2022, but still far below the seasonal standard before Covid's launch. The best-selling BEV is Tesla Model Y.

Figure 1: German passenger car registration volume in December 2022

The total share of electric vehicles in January was 15.1%, including 10.1% of all electric vehicles (BEVs) and 4.9% of hybrid plug-ins. In January 2022, their respective shares were 21.6%, 11.3%, and 10.3%, respectively.

Figure 2: Monthly powertrain market share in Germany

In January 2023, Tesla's models remained the leader in the German electric vehicle market:

Among them, compared with December and November, the sales volume of the Model 3 model produced outside Germany was again relatively calm (389 units).

The local production of Tesla GigaFactory in Brandenburg performed very strongly in January, selling 3708 vehicles. This is the first time Germany has seen such sales in January.

The Volkswagen ID.4/ID5 pair ranks second, while the updated Audi e-tron (labeled Q8 e-tron from now on) ranks third.

Figure 3: Top 20 best-selling models of German electric vehicles in January 2023

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