Overview of global charging communication standards

Test SDK Test SDK

Purpose:It can simulate the signal of relevant charging facilities during the charging process to ensure convenient and efficient development and testing, saving you time, money and wear and tear

  • Product name

    Develop test SDK

  • Communication standard

    European/American/Japanese standard

  • Product description

    Development and test of European/American/Japanese standard EV or EV charger

  • Application scenario

    It can be used for communication and signal simulation and test of European/American/Japanese standard charging products in the development process

Support ISO15118, DIN70121 and CHAdeMO charging protocols
Provide customized development of private communication protocol
Support the development of V2L, VAS, UDS, V2G and other functions
Take software technology as the core, and deeply study communication protocols of ISO15118/DIN70121/SAE J1772/CHAdeMO.
First in China to pass TUV and DEKRA certification

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