According to estimates by Bloomberg New Energy Finance, the global ownership of electric vehicles will reach 40 million in 2022, accounting for approximately 3% of the global total vehicle ownership. This represents a significant leap from 1% in 2020, making electric vehicles the fastest growing track in the global energy transformation process, and also highlighting the insufficient charging stations throughout Europe.

 According to ACEA data, 50% of the charging points in the EU are concentrated in the Netherlands (about 90000 charging piles) and Germany (about 60000 charging piles). The Netherlands is also the country with the highest density of charging piles per 100 kilometers in Europe, with one charging point per 1.5 kilometers, while Poland has only one charging pile per 150 kilometers. In 2021, six countries in Europe will have less than one charging point per 100 kilometers, and 17 countries will have less than 10 charging points per 100 kilometers. Insufficient quantity, smaller total number of fast chargers (capacity exceeding 22kW). Of all EU charging points, only one seventh are relatively fast. The capacity of all the rest (including many public places or parks) is below 22kW. Most are 7KW, 14KW or lower.

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