To cope with the overseas market of new energy, electric vehicle charging equipment needs to win the overseas market with excellent product quality and technology.

Figure 1: Zheng Hao, General Manager of TUV Commercial and Industrial Products Service in Rheinland, Germany, issued TUV certificate to the General Manager of RNL Technology(Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd

TUV Rheinland, Germany (hereinafter referred to as TUV Rheinland), in cooperation with Guangdong Charging Facilities Associationand RNL Technology(Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd (hereinafter referred to as RNL),

In the presence of Zou Yalan, Secretary General of Guangdong Charging Facilities Association, and nearly 100 guests from enterprises participating in the seminar "The Way of Quality Victory - Global Testing and Certification of Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment", Zheng Hao, General Manager of TUV Rheinland Commercial and Industrial Services, issued a TUV certificate to Lian Guobiao, General Manager of RNL.It marks that the technical level of RNL's European standard DC charging pile communication module has been in line with the international leading level, laying a solid foundation for entering the overseas market.

PLC communication solution for DC charginger, technology wins the market

DC charger for electric vehicles in Europe and the US adopt the PLC communication,which is different from GB/T chargers.This is quite challenging for many domestic charger manufacturers. How to ensure the feasibility and stability of the PLC communication of DC charger in Europe and America,RNL proposed "PLC communication solution for European standard DC chargers".


Support ISO15118, DIN70121 and CHAdeMO charging protocols
Provide customized development of private communication protocol
Support the development of V2L, VAS, UDS, V2G and other functions
Take software technology as the core, and deeply study communication protocols of ISO15118/DIN70121/SAE J1772/CHAdeMO.
First in China to pass TUV and DEKRA certification

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